Northern VA Rheumatoid Arthritis Support Group

for those living with rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic illnesses

Meet and Greet! August 1, 2009

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For the first meeting, I am inviting members to my home on September
12, 2009 at 1pm. Come hungry because I will be making some nutritious
snacks for us to enjoy while we sit around in comfy chairs and talk
about our experiences and what we’ve done to try to ease our troubles.
I will personally have a few laughs and advice that I’ve gleaned from
friends with RA, and a local nutritionist will be there to talk a
little bit about changes you can make in your diet to reduce
inflammation and pain. We will also talk about what we want this group
to be.


One Response to “Meet and Greet!”

  1. Mary Babcock Says:

    Hi again,

    If you have another one of these events, I would be happy to do a q & a session or talk about various exercises to do and supplements good to take for maximizing flexibility and decreasing inflammation.

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