Northern VA Rheumatoid Arthritis Support Group

for those living with rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic illnesses

Meeting 1/17/10 January 6, 2010

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The 7 Underlying Causes of all Health Problems

Dr. Robert Johnson, the founder and director of Natural Horizons Wellness Center in Fairfax, VA, is a renowned Biologic Dentist and National expert in Integrative Medicine.

His presentation will use his upcoming book “The Seven Underlying Causes of All Health Problems” as the basis for his presentation. He will talk about how all chronic illness can be understood and treated. He will also discuss the shortcomings of the traditional medical approach which focuses on suppressing symptoms. You will leave this presentation with a positive direction to pursue with any chronic illness. The knowledge you will gain from Dr. Johnson’s presentation will be invaluable and should not be missed.

Sunday, January 17th at 4pm.
1487 Chain Bridge Rd.
Suite 304
McLean, Va

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JRA Support Meeting October 29, 2009

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November 21st  2pm: Come meet other parents and kids/teens with JRA. Let’s talk about what to do after the diagnosis, how to make life a little bit easier, and natural approaches to easing pain. Meet at the Old Brogue/Katie’s Coffeehouse at 2pm. The restaurant is divided into two sections and the coffeehouse is through the door on the right side of the porch. I will have a red mug!


Monthly Stretch and Relaxation Class October 28, 2009

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November 1st at 4pm: Monthly Stretch and Relaxation Class: The class will start with some simple warm ups while standing up and then we will move to the floor and do some gentle stretches and easy exercises. We will end with a 5 minute meditation. It will last about 30 minutes. All the exercises and stretches will be very easy. If anyone has any difficulty moving from standing to sitting, I have some techniques to help with this problem, as I’ve experienced it myself. Also, this will be a very private and comfortable setting. No judging and no pressure, just relax and do what you can. Cost: $5


More Meetings! October 15, 2009

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A few events are in the planning stages right now: Cooking classes, Lupus testimonial, an evening with a naturopathic doctor, the jingle bell walk, and a tele-seminar on RA.  Continue to check the “Upcoming Events” tab in the upper right corner for schedule updates!




Meet and Greet! August 1, 2009

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For the first meeting, I am inviting members to my home on September
12, 2009 at 1pm. Come hungry because I will be making some nutritious
snacks for us to enjoy while we sit around in comfy chairs and talk
about our experiences and what we’ve done to try to ease our troubles.
I will personally have a few laughs and advice that I’ve gleaned from
friends with RA, and a local nutritionist will be there to talk a
little bit about changes you can make in your diet to reduce
inflammation and pain. We will also talk about what we want this group
to be.


Welcome! March 20, 2009

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Hi! Thank you for visiting the online home of the Great Falls/McLean RA Support Group!

If you are interested in joining the group, please explore the blue tabs in the upper-right corner of the page.

Robin Shirley